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Artist Profile

Artist Profile


Ichelle Schoorl is a young emerging artist, finding her way in life through her art.
It’s all about telling her story & using her art as therapy, raising awareness for things close to her heart,
like the invisible illness fibromyalgia, which affects her personally.
to show the things that we usually hide.
And be an inspiration for others to do the same, to turn your pain into power.

Her story

The past few years have been both ups and downs for me. Before i got sick, i was an outgoing teenager,
but this changed quickly when i was about 17/18 years old and i was experienced severe pain.
I had to stop working, stop with school, in the end: everything.
I got stuck at home, still no idea what was going on, but this was the moment i realized something was seriously wrong and definitely my ‘low point’.

Deeply unhappy, ‘a prisoner in my own body’.

But then 5 years later, there was finally a diagnose: the chronic pain desease fibromyalgia.
It was a tough time processing and accepting this, because this is for life.
But in the end, it also brought me so much closer to who i am, to what is most important to me in life.
It made me realize where my heart is & that i want to live this passion.
Overcoming my fears and using this pain as my motivation to go after my dreams,
that is definitely my ‘high’.

Perfectly imperfect, ’the illness may have changed my life,but it hasn’t changed who i am as a person’.


the 4 elements

Studio, The netherlands


Spring collection (in memory of Frank)

The netherlands


Mom collection (dedicated to my, and all the moms out there)


gift collection

Ichelle’s Studio


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